The idea

We are building Growsie – an online community to help people share plants for their gardens, homes and community spaces.

red apple on a treeWe love plants! They’re beautiful, good for your health and key to tackling the climate crisis.

The problem

Plants can be expensive, hard to find and transport. Commercial growing uses a lot of energy and water.

Plants often travel a long way, increasing their carbon footprint.

By helping people share plants locally, Growsie is better for the environment. We make growing plants easier for people on lower incomes, or those without a car.

two pairs of feet from above, some plants

Growing together

Connecting local people helps to build community and tackle loneliness. We will also connect people to local green spaces such as community gardens to help green their local area.

It will be a welcoming space where beginners can ask questions and experienced gardeners can share their knowledge.

The plan

We are building a community of plant enthusiasts through our mailing list, social media. We’ll connect people to local community gardens, for example with our Newham Community Garden Map and through practical workshops.

We are designing a web app where you’ll be able to search for plants you’re interested in, and tell people about plants you’d like to swap or give away. The community will be able to share growing tips and find local green spaces to enjoy and support.

We’ll test Growsie in East London, before opening it up to more locations. As we grow, we’ll keep the focus on connecting people in their local area.

The team

Rosie Whicheloe is an ecologist by profession who previously worked at London Wildlife Trust. She brings experience of green infrastructure and biodiversity to the project, and helps run a community garden in Manor Park, London.

Joe Lanman is a designer and developer, with 10 years experience working on GOV.UK at the Government Digital Service. He is also an enthusiastic gardener and is particularly happy with his grape vine.